島のえき - About Shima-no-eki

Shima-no-Eki was originally established by the Tashirojima Nyanko Republic in September 2016 as a restaurant and souvenir shop. The corporation carried out activities aimed at recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake with the help of cats called Tashirojima Nyanko The Project. When their purpose was achieved, it was decided to disband. Therefore, since 2020, the joint company Kurashigoto has been operating Manga Island on the island, inheriting the flow of Shima-no-Eki as a restaurant and souvenir shop. They started their business in April 2020.

What kind of place is Shima no Eki?

Shima no Eki was originally the site of Tashirojima’s elementary and junior high school. It is located at an altitude of 75m, in the center of the island and about 200m from the cat shrine. We rented the remaining facilities of the closed school from Ishinomaki City and operate it as a rest stop for tourists visiting the island. There are about 60 cats around the island station, and they welcome you along with us. The store has a resting area and a product sales area with cat-themed goods. We also serve meals such as “Nyan Curry”, “Kitsuneko Udon”, and “Oyster Shiojiru”, as well as draft beer and soft drinks. If the weather is nice, it’s a pleasant place to have lunch outside, but please eat your lunch inside the store as the cats are always around, keeping a watchful eye.

島のえき 入口
島のえき 店内

When are you open?

We are open as much as possible, and our operating hours vary. I have one or two days off each week. We update our business days and hours on our website every week, so please check there for the latest information.

I heard that there is a meal time for cats, but when can I see it?

There are many local cats, and we feed them in the morning, noon, and evening. If you come to the island without staying overnight, you can see the lunch. It’s always around 12:00, but there are some variations depending on how many cats are gathered and the situation of the shop. It is also recommended to stay at a guest house on the island and take your time watching the scenery in the evening!


名  称  田代島 島のえき

住  所  宮城県石巻市田代浜字内山69-2

営業時間  10時~15時 もしくは 10~13時

定 休 日  不定休

※ 営業情報は、随時、ホームページやSNSで情報を発信いたします。